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Seeing a healthier world through
4 Dimensional X-ray

The future of respiratory diagnostics


What We Can Offer

4Dx Pty Ltd is a medical technology startup based in Melbourne, Australia.  4Dx engineers innovative software solutions for the healthcare market, delivering never before seen assessments of lung function.

Greater Insight

We X-ray image the breathing lungs, mapping natural lung function in 4-dimensions (3-dimensions throughout the breath)

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Greater Speed

We capture each X-ray imaging sequence in a matter of seconds, allowing increased throughput and shorter waiting lists

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Greater Comfort

With short scan times and open architecture, allowing the ability to acquire scans standing or lying, patient comfort is maximised

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6 L

total lung capacity (TLC) of a young and healthy adult, regular exercise helps maitain lung health and TLC as you age

80 sq m

the total surface area of the human adult lungs, this is about the same area as one side of a tennis court

992 km

the total distance the capillaries that surround your alveoli would stretch if they were unwound and laid end to end


the number of breaths you breathe every day, every single one of these is necessary for vital gas exchange in your body


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Instead of imaging the shape of the lungs, we image the lungs' motion
This completely different approach allows us to see how the lungs really work

Our Friends

Our extensive network of global collaborations provides us with expert advice over a wide breadth of topics, evolving our concepts and challenging our ideas. We are always seeking to engage key opinion leaders, strategic partners and specialised medical professionals. Together, we aim to boost the global knowledge base of respiratory function, and with this insight, revolutionise patient care.

Engineering our future health

The quest for useful knowledge can have no boundaries, whether geographical or disciplinary. Biomedical engineering seeks to apply traditional design methodology to medical and biological healthcare purposes, both diagnostic and therapeutic. Engineering solutions for long standing medical problems has immense potential to efficiently advance healthcare treatment and monitoring.

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"4Dx lung imaging technology provides a rare and exciting opportunity to improve lung health outcomes for patients globally"
Professor Greg Snell

Head of Lung Transplant Service, Alfred Hospital

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