Continued interest in 4Dx technology from leading USA Hospitals

4Dx is excited to announce two upcoming deals with leading USA hospitals.

4Dx has been invited to support groundbreaking lung transplant research being conducted at UCLA over the next 12 months. 4Dx will be providing scans using raw X-ray images captured on existing UCLA equipment. The 4Dx scans aim to give insight into different biological pathways rejection and identify rejection earlier. UCLA Medical Center is currently ranked #5 of 5,565 registered hospitals in the USA.

Researchers at the Cleveland Clinic have agreed terms with 4Dx to purchase a 4Dx pre-clinical scanner next year. This technology allows clinicians to capture images that provide highly detailed footage of the motion and airflow within the breathing lungs of mice and other small animals. The Cleveland Clinic is the #3 ranked pulmonary specialist hospital in the USA.

4Dx is also pleased to announce that it has completed construction of its first commercial pre-clinical scanner on order from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in LA. The scanner is undergoing compliance testing that will then clear the product for import into the USA.

Each pre-clinical scanner will be a source of recurring software-as-a-service (SaaS) revenue into the future, as each machine will be a hub for 4Dx scans.