21 Sep 2016

Appointment of General Manager – Notting Hill Devices

4Dx is excited to announce that Paul Cooke will be taking on the role of General Manager of 4Dx’s specialist hardware subsidiary, Notting Hill Devices. As Paul moves into this role, he will be stepping aside from his role as Non-Executive Director, effective 1st September. During his tenure as Non-Executive Director, Paul played a key […]

12 Sep 2016

Monash license agreement changes

A number of positive changes have been made to the key licence agreement with Monash University (which grants 4Dx rights to commercialise this technology in exchange for royalty payments). Most notable among these changes is that the funding threshold for assignment of patents has been lowered to A$6.5 million from A$10 million. Once this lower […]

02 Sep 2016

Andreas Fouras, CEO of 4Dx, says backing bright people is a bright idea

Andreas Fouras, Founder and CEO of 4Dx, spoke with Nature Index on the recent call from the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) for public consultation on the structural review of their grant program. Following criticism that current funding models are failing to support researchers across all stages of their careers, the NHMRC have opened the debate around three proposed alternative models to […]

01 Sep 2016

4Dx retail round closes with full subscription

We are pleased to announce that our recent retail offer of shares is now fully subscribed after successfully raising AU$500,000. It is very encouraging to gain backing so enthusiastically from retail investors committed to seeing our technology come to market as fast as possible. These funds take us a step closer to commercialising our technology through ongoing clinical […]

25 Aug 2016 interview 4Dx on their advanced visualization tool being used for imaging lung disease

4Dx was interviewed by, an influential community site for radiologists and related professionals in the medical imaging industry. In the article “Advanced visualization tool assesses lung disease”, Eric Barnes interviewed the 4Dx team on the new technique they have developed that combines fluoroscopy and advanced visualization to generate high-resolution images of the motion and […]

24 Aug 2016

4Dx’s CEO talks to the Australian Financial Review about how our culture is stifling innovation

The AFR cover insights from last weeks meeting of 400 of the top people in the innovation sector, where Andreas Fouras, CEO of 4Dx, highlighted one of the biggest problems Australia faces as it seeks to become high tech nation. Contrary to the risk taking the government would lead us to believe is encouraged as a nation, when […]

18 Aug 2016

4Dx’s Andreas Fouras speaks alongside Australia’s leading academics and experts at the AFR Innovation Summit 2016

Andreas Fouras, CEO of 4Dx, yesterday joined some of  Australias leading scientists and academics at The Australian Financial Reviews  Innovation Summit to discuss Australia’s need to change its attitude toward entrepreneurial failure to protect the economy from missing out on the benefits created by risk takers. Dr Finkel, Australia’s chief scientist, who was also speaking, highlighted that […]

08 Aug 2016


4Dx has had a very busy and exciting time over the past 3 months establishing new relationships with several key stakeholder groups. Please click here to access the Winter 2016 edition of the 4Dx newsletter for a full update on our most recent milestones.