10 Apr 2013

Medical collaboration featured in The Australian

Edwin Jesudason, Associate Professor of Paediatric Surgery from the University of Liverpool, has been a great source of inspiration to our team through his invaluable medical expertise and insightful views of interdisciplinary research (from a clinician’s perspective). Refreshingly, he shares the same passion as us to close the gap between engineers and doctors, driven by the belief that together we can reach many more patients in a much shorter period of time.

Although from opposite sides of the globe, Ed and Andreas met in the USA, where they both attended theAmerican Asthma Foundation (AAF) as independent recipients of prestigious and highly sought after AAF research grants. The AAF Research Program is the largest private funder of asthma research, seeking to improve treatments for, prevent, and find a cure for asthma.

Their initial discussions in the USA has sparked an ongoing friendship. Ed and Andreas’s collaborations in lung research featured in The Australian newspaper‘s Higher Education section today, pinpointing the value of interdisciplinary collaboration between clinical doctors and engineering researchers, with specific example of utilising engineering expertise, such as that of our team, to visualise medical concerns like lung disease. It is evident by the success of their collaboration that these types of interdisciplinary efforts are fast-tracking developments in the fields of medicine and medical diagnostics.

Image courtesy: The Australian, photographer: David Geraghty.

28 Mar 2013

Tribute to X-ray imaging pioneer Steve Wilkins

It is with great sadness that we remember Australian X-ray physicist Dr Stephen William Wilkins, who suddenly passed away in Melbourne on the 25th of March 2013. Steve’s major contributions to the areas of X-ray methods and X-ray instrumentation paved the way for widespread implementation of hard X-ray phase-contrast imaging in research, as well as in industry and medicine, all areas of which our group’s work belongs. It is by no exaggeration that Steve’s pioneering work forms the solid ground from which our group’s own hard X-ray phase-contrast imaging techniques are based.

Steve’s most influential and highly cited papers: