Charlene Stahr


Charlene Stahr

Company Secretary, Operations Manager

A successful participate of The University High School’s Acceleration Program, Charlene finished her secondary education at the age of 16. She studied a diverse range of electives before choosing to complete a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering and Bachelor of Aerospace Technology double degree at Monash University, conducting her honours project simulating the flow of blood through diseased arteries. The project strengthened her growing interest in health sciences — a field she had previously thought difficult to penetrate by engineers.

After short-term contract work in the automotive and asset maintenance industries, Charlene’s interest in biological systems led her to meet Andreas. She commenced a research position in Andreas’s laboratory in 2008 as his first employee. Integrating a wide set of skills into her role, she functioned as the laboratory’s Office Manager and Research Administrator for many years before taking up a fulltime position as Operations Manager with 4Dx.

During Charlene’s 7 years of practical laboratory experience, she was involved in extensive research programs with interstate and overseas collaborators across the fields of engineering, computing, medicine, physiology and physics, and conducted her own novel research leading to peer-reviewed publication. She is also experienced in design and manufacture. Of particular note is a high-speed asynchronous X-ray shutter, whose functional design she patented with co-inventors Simon and Andreas in her first year out from undergraduate studies.

Formalising her research training, Charlene is near completion of a Master of Engineering Science in the area of lung disease detection using 4D synchrotron X-ray CT under the supervision of Andreas, and expert synchrotron physicist Dr Karen Siu. This work represents practical, disease specific application of 4Dx’s patented lung imaging technology.

Charlene’s medley of interests has led her to have broad experience across corporate administration, finance – including involvement in managing multi-million dollar budgets, HR, OHS – including formal roles while at Monash University, compliance, auditing, ethics, government grants, legal policy and procedure, marketing, media production and coordination, and recruitment.

Charlene is co-founder and director of Nortia Investment Group, an independent private investment company.

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (hons.) Monash University
Bachelor of Aerospace Technology Monash University