Rajeev Samarage


Rajeev Samarage

Research Lead

Rajeev was born in Matara, Sri Lanka, the son of a medical doctor. He moved to Kuala Lumpur, commencing a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering at Monash University’s Sunway Campus. Midway through his degree, Rajeev transferred to the Monash’s Clayton Campus in Melbourne, to expand his postgraduate research opportunities. With an interest in biological engineering, Rajeev met Andreas conducting an honour’s project in his Laboratory for Dynamic Imaging. Rajeev quickly grasped the principles behind Particle Image Velocimetry — the basis of 4Dx’s lung imaging technology.

With a strong interest in postgraduate studies and enjoying his honour’s project, Rajeev continued his research in LDI, commencing his PhD studies in 2009 under the supervision of Andreas and Mechanical Engineering Fluid Dynamics expert Dr Josie Carberry. During his PhD he integrated his technical skills in C programming and developed new PIV techniques, further advancing his knowledge and expertise in the field. As part of the LDI team, Rajeev had core involvement in the lab’s IT systems where he was frequently involved with data management, server maintenance and managing the software base.

Rajeev’s research has resulted in numerous publications in peer-reviewed journals as well as invited conference publications. Along with experience in biological imaging and image processing, Rajeev has also gained experience with formal OHS activities and is currently working towards patent publication.

Rajeev is co-founder and director of Nortia Investment Group, an independent private investment company.

PhD Monash University
Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (hons.) Monash University


Measurement Science and Technology Outstanding Paper Award 2012

MST awards the Outstanding Paper Award for the best paper published in the journal. Polynomial element velocimetry (PEV): a technique for continuous in-plane velocity and velocity gradient measurements for low Reynolds number flows receives the award of Best Fluid Mechanics paper published in MST during 2012.

Australian Postgraduate Award 2009

The Australian Government Department of Education Australian Postgraduate Award (APA) scholarships are awarded to students of exceptional research potential undertaking a higher degree by research (HDR) in Australia.

Monash Graduate Scholarship 2009

This scholarship granted internally by Monash University is awarded to 100 students per year, who have demonstrated academic achievement through 1st class honours in their undergraduate studies.