4Dx Presents First Human Scan Data From XV Technology Clinical Trials

Andreas Fouras, PhD, (founder and CEO of 4Dx) presented this week the first release of the highly anticipated results from 4Dx’s clinical trials at the American Thoracic Society (ATS) 2019 International Conference in Dallas, TX,

4Dx opened Day 1 of the 3-day conference with a newly-designed booth dedicated to showcasing the first of many 4-dimensional human data scans obtained from clinical trials.  Video walls, touchscreen TVs and a high-tech hologram attraction served as focal points for the booth to display XV Technology’s heatmap-coded, single slice ventilation distribution contour maps, identifying normal and abnormal lung function.

Additionally, Andreas was invited to speak at the Respiratory Innovation Summit that took place two days before the start of ATS.  Andreas’ 6-minute presentation included early stage validation data illustrating the efficacy of XV Technology in detecting regional lung function defects in human subjects, as well as quantitative analysis graphics that highlight lung ventilation throughout the course of a full breath.

4Dx is currently presenting at their booth (#3543)  running through May 21.