Stockhead article names 4Dx as one of six IPOs to watch for in 2020

A new Stockhead article was posted yesterday naming 4Dx as one of six Australian IPOs to watch for in 2020.

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4Dx is a med-tech with a lung imaging platform. It helps detect diseases such as lung cancer and identify side-effects to disease treatments. It uses no dyes whatsoever, needs no injections and uses 35 times less radiation than the next best scan, according to the ASX hopeful.

Back in October 4DX said the tech passed a 13-month clinical trial showing it was superior. Perfect timing, because CEO Andreas Fouras was seeking broker interest for an IPO that very same week. No date for listing has been set.

He told Stockhead the other major milestone he was targeting in 2020 was FDA approval. While 4DX’s lung imaging tech has not yet been approved in other markets, Fouras said because the FDA was the hardest, if 4Dx could make it in America it could make it anywhere.

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